Translating Simplystats

Thank you for helping out with translating SimplyStats! Follow the steps below to get started. It’s real easy.

Creating an account

First, you need to create an account for the GetLocalization site. I am using the public translation features of this service because it makes localizing SimplyStats very easy. Instead of having to copy and paste several texts from and to Word documents, everything is automated. Also, all project members automatically receive updates about new strings and changes.

Anyway, back to creating an account. Navigate to

signin up

You can either choose to login with your Facebook account or a basic account. Using Facebook makes registering very simple, but some people don’t trust Facebook well enough. Choose any method you like.

If you clicked on ‘new account’ you will see the registration page. Fill in the details, and click ‘Register’:

create account

That’s all!

Translating texts

You will be returned to the the project landing page. It contains a list of all languages to be translated and their progress.

Select the language you want to work on. You will be taken to the translation interface. ┬áTo quickly see what strings need translation, click on the ‘Filter’ selection box and choose ‘Untranslated strings’.

In the middle column, there are now 3 rows. The top row shows the original text (in English). The middle row shows the ‘translation memory’. It helps you using consistent terms throughout the project. The bottom row is where you enter your translation. After editing, press ‘Save and Go Next’ or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Enter for quick access.

That’s all!

Not sure how to translate something? You can use the comments section in the right-most column.

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