SimplyStats FAQ


How much does SimplyStats Analytics cost?

SimplyStats is free. And I hope to be able to keep it free in the future. The free version of the App only contains a few subtle add banners. These banners help me to cover the charges from Google for getting data from their servers. An in-app purchase is available to remove these banners. The free version has no limitations in functionality.

I want to report a bug!

Go to our support page, or send a mail to

Can I help with anything?

I am looking for translators and beta testers. Instructions for helping out with the translations are here. If you want to help testing  drop me a note!

What is the latest version of SimplyStats?

The current version on the App Store is SimplyStats 2.3.1. If you have an older version, the App Store will automatically suggest you to upgrade. The latest version is designed for iOS8, but still fully functional for iOS7.

Does it work on my machine?

SimplyStats can be downloaded and installed onto an iPad, iPhone or iPod with at least iOS 7.0. Also, you need a live internet connection to log in and retrieve analytics data.

I get a message ‘No Profiles Found’ when i log in!

Don’t be alarmed. It only means that you have not set up a profile for use with Google Analytics. The account you are logging in with needs to be connected to one or more Analytics Web Profiles. For a description of Google Analytics and how to set up your environment, please visit google’s pages on setting up Analytics. Basically, if you can successfully log in at Google and see your data there, my App should work. If it doesn’t, let me know.

I accidentally signed in with the wrong account and i need to log in with another account

Go to settings and tap Sign out from Google. This will bring you back to the welcome page. Click continue to sign in with a different account.

How can I add multiple website to SimplyStats?

Logging in and out of Google Analytics is no fun. But there is an easy way to do this:

    • Login in on the website of Google Analytics for the website you want to add
    • Go to ‘admin’ section and select ‘User Management’
    • Add the email address you use to login at SimplyStats. The minimum permission is ‘Read & Analyse’.
    • Repeat this for every website you want to monitor.

If you don’t have access to the admin panel in google analytics, ask the owner of the profile to include you.


How can I share a graph?

Press the action button on the right side of the navigation bar. An action sheet will appear with different options to share the graph.

How do I change the background colour?

Certainly you can. Go to settings and tap Select Theme. Here you can choose from several background colours.

Does SimplyStats collect usage data?

Yes, but very little. SimplyStats only collects data about which screens you visit, and sends these to Google Analytics. In no way will there be any logging of usernames, passwords or any other data. If you don’t want me to collect usage statistics from your device, go to settings. Under Privacy there is a switch named Limit Usage Tracking. If you set this to yes, all tracking for GA is disabled.

I am missing some report dimensions. Can you add these to SimplyStats?

Sure! Just contact me at or through the support page, and i’ll gladly add them with the next update.

What reports are included?

SimplyStats comes with the following reports since 1.93:

  • Daily Report
  • Visits and Pageviews
  • Total Pageviews
  • Visits by Type
  • Visits by Continent
  • Visits by Operating System
  • Operating System Version (v1.5)
  • Visits by Country
  • Browser distribution
  • Mobile devices distribution
  • Referring sites
  • Keywords
  • Bounce rate (total & graph)
  • Search engine distribution
  • Social networks
  • Events per category
  • Events by country
  • Events per action
  • Events versus visits
  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Completions by country
  • Conversion Rate
  • Goal Abandon Rate
  • App Views
  • Total app Views
  • App Exceptions
  • App Screens
  • App Version
  • App Screen resolution
  • And a few more…

When will the next update be released?

Release 2.3.1 has been released in spring 2015. I am constantly updating and adding new features, so you can expect updates regularly.

What else will be in the next update?

I am working hard to find people that can help me with localising SimplyStats. I have the following language’s planned:

  • English DONE
  • Dutch DONE
  • German DONE
  • French DONE
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Russian
  • Swedish

If you can help me with these languages, that would be awesome. Also, if your language is not on the list, then let me know so we can make it happen.

Can I write a review about SimplyStats?

Yes, please!

Will there be a version for Android of Windows Phone?

I have no plans to develop a version for other platforms than iOS.

My question is not listed? I’m totally lost!

No Panic! Send me a mail or open a support ticket. I’ll try to help you out a.s.a.p.

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