Simplystats Data Usage Policy

SimplyStats uses the data from your Google Analytics account, using a secure login built with the Google client API. Your credentials are not visible to SimplyStats. Using the Google Analytics Portal, a user can authorise accounts to use specific accounts and profiles. SimplyStats can only view your Analytics data to which permission is given through the portal. Mutation of data, profiles or account settings of Google Analytics via SimplyStats is neither permitted nor possible.

After you log in to Google Analytics in SimplyStats, an encrypted authentication token on the device is stored, to allow repeated access to the data without requiring the user to login each time the application starts. This token can be revoked by signing out using the settings menu in SimplyStats.

The Google Analytics data retrieved for viewing is stored or forwarded. The data maybe be cached for a short period for performance benefits. It is only used to build the charts and reports you see on the screen of your device.