UPDATE: My apologies, it currently does not work with the latest MacOS Sierra. I’m trying to find a fix.

OS X Sharing Extension to send images directly to Imgur and receive a quick link in your clipboard.

Screenshot_01-06-15_09_43 Share_to_ImgUr


Download the zip, and move the ShareToImgUr App to your Applications or Utilities folder.

The app is just a container app for the extension, it doesn’t even need to be running for the sharing extension to work.


Within OS X apps that support image sharing, click the share icon (or cmd-click for the Share… menu) and select ‘Upload to Imgur’. After confirmation, the image will be uploaded anonymously to Imgur, you will receive a messagebox with the image url.

Future versions may include authenticated uploads.

About the beta

This beta is a work-in-progress and may contain bugs. It is a free beta, and I will try to keep it free when it gets stable. There is no hidden ad-ware, no trial period, no limited functionality, no key-logging, nothing of the kind. I just hope you like it, use it, and let me know what you think of it!


1.0.10 beta

  • Added ‘copy to clipboard’.
  • Removed the statusbar icon
  • Uploading of gif’s should work (only when Size = Original and the source is an actual file)
  • Layout changes

10.0.3 beta

  • First public release

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