Give For A Future


Give for a Future raises money for cancer research, using the DeLorean DMC-12 (from the Back To The Future movie). Much has been achieved in the past years in cancer treatment, but more money is needed. Although a lot of patients now have a better life expectance than before, the years after are usually very tough. Even if the tumor is under control, no guarantees are given by doctors or specialists about the future. And in case the tumor isn’t under control, the prospects are even worse.

As I get better and stronger I will be driving around with my DeLorean DMC-12. I will use this logo as a window sticker, asking people to give a small donation. I also hope they will make photos and share them on the internet to reach more potential contributors.

Dutch Donations
takes you directly to the donation site of KWF
International Dotations
I will personally transfer the money to KWF


Thank you!

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