This web site and blog is a personal website. It expresses my own opinions and i display my own projects and products. These products are noncommercial and not affiliated to an existing company. Any resemblance to such products is purely coincidental.

As this site is a personal site, some people may read stuff that they consider inappropriate, insulting, false, misguided or even interesting. Although i do my best to please everybody visiting my site, please consider that i might not have all the religious, historical or even political background to keep all readers happy. In the extreme case that a person or animal gets hurt by using or redistributing anything found on my site, believe me if i say that was never intended (and I apologise in advance if anything like that ever happens).  Long story short: If you see something on this site that you feel shouldn’t be there, by all means contact me and i’ll do my best to adjust it.

Then there is the matter of user comments. The blog uses a simple commenting system. Visitors can basically put down anything they like. There is a little spam filter thingy there, but there are situations that bad stuff slips through. I cannot be held responsible for what other people say, similar to the previous paragraph really. Again, i will do my best to monitor all content and block/edit/remove content accordingly. There’s a line that can be crossed and people who write bad stuff will usually know where that line is.

With all those excuses and limitation, please let me add the following. The internet is big, and it became big because of content that is written, shared, copied, abused, commented at, corrected, redistributed, translated and most of all: read. If there is something on this site you would like to share with others please by all means do so. It would make me proud. Also, let me know you liked (or disliked) any of it, so i can make things better.

May 2013,
Rob van der Veer

Meta: I put this here because it’s required. Not because i like writing stuff like this.

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