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Display Design

The current batch of 20 DeClocks has been sold out and there are no clocks or parts are left. If you want me to keep you up to date in case I decide to make another batch, please subscribe to the announcement mailing list below. Subscribing to the list does not commit you to order, it is just a mailing list in case I need to contact you:

You can leave the list at any time. Removal instructions are included in each message.


  1. DeClock uses  an average 20mA at maximum brightnes (not including the current used by any connected dashboard lights).
  2. Production of DeClock will begin after August 1st, 2014. See the roadmap for more info.
  3. All payments are permanent and there are no refunds.
  4. Use at your own risk.


  • great DMC clock. My question is, I’ve got an 1982 DMC with no clock. Can I still install your clock? And, if yes, what other parts would I need….. Thanks, Dave

    • Hi Dave,

      All you need is a shifter plate (manual or automatic) with a clock hole, and a clock housing. Everything else to get it working will be included in the kit.

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