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SimplyStats needs beta testers

You want to be part of my test team? I’m looking for people who would want to assist me with the beta testing of new releases. As I’m getting closer to a 2.2 release I realise that there is so much to test I really could use some help.

SimplyStats Black

What am I looking for?

  • Testers that have and iPad or iPhone
  • Testers that like to tap buttons until it breaks
  • Testers that confirm that something works well, or not.
  • Testers that have access to a Google Analytics profile (if you don’t have one you can use my testprofile)
  • Testers from different countries to test if all the strings are translated properly (currently English, French, Dutch and German)
  • Testers that have a little time to spare
  • If you like to share your thoughts your are especially welcome.

I’ve set up everything with Crashlytics, so you don’t need an additional account. You don’t even have to know anything about Google Analytics. Just press some buttons until it crashes. And you get access to bèta versions of course.

How? Send an email to and I’ll set things up for you.

World View doesn’t work

After iOS8 came out, apple Quickly release iOS8.1 and updated the developers toolkit, xcode. The iOS simulators for iOS 8.0 had been removed entirely. Only iOS 7 and iOS 8.1 were supported for testing. I have 2 devices at home, one iPad 3 (with iOS7) and an iPhone 5s (with iOS 8.1.2). I had no means of testing my app for iOS 8.0.

When working on SimplyStats 2.0, I changed a lot of things, but mainly a fresh theme. Because iOS6 was no longer used by my clients (I could see that in my statistics), I decided to drop iOS6 support and i ripped out a lot of backwards code. I had extensively tested this on iOS 7 and 8, even with a few external beta testers.

The world map code hadn’t been touched AT ALL up to this point and I was convinced that it would work on all supported devices because it works on 7.0 and 8.1; One suspects that it would work on all versions in between.

When SimplyStats 2.0 was released to the public I quickly realised that it had a big startup crash on iOS 8.0; i had to respond quickly to get that bug fixed. The crash reports poured in (90 or so). I had no idea where to start but after googling for a day I downloaded an old bèta copy of XCode 6.0 which had indeed the 8.0 simulator. The thing was unstable as hell. You can’t develop software on that. But it helped me find the cause of the crash, fix it, and verify that it works again on 7.1, 8.0, and 8.1. At least that bug was solved.

Then there was the Map bug. I knew it existed but there was no time to fix it. Trying to provide you best as I could, I added the classic blue theme again and released 2.1 to the App store, knowing by now that the world map view is unstable, but there’s not enough time to fix everything, and the map view is one of the lowest used view of the entire app.

So please accept my apology for SimplyStats not working as it should. I develop this in my spare time. It is on the App Store for free. I have put every free hour of the past 2 years into this. I have 112 users who paid the IAP to remove the advertising, and in total another 1029 users are using my app daily. That’s not a lot. I am NOT making money on this.

Simplicate 2.0 release issues

Yesterday I released SimplyStats 2.0 to the public. It took less than 30 minutes before I received the first crash report. The crash appears when starting the App, so making it completely unusable for some customers. As it turns out, SimplyStats 2.0 does NOT work on iOS 8.0.2.

The (Dutch) screenshot below shows the logged Exceptions per iOS version for 2.0, since the release. The secondary dimension (below) shows me that there are 59 exceptions in total, 15 on iOS 8.0, and 44 on iOS 8.0.2. For the sake of argument: no exception have occurred on other platforms.


Why did this bug slip through? Well first of all, iOS 8.0 and iOS8.0.2 were released by Apple, but quickly updated to 8.1. iOS 8.0 is full of strange stability bugs. The reason I cannot test it, is I do not have any devices running 8.0(.2) and neither do my Beta testers. The iOS simulator (used to develop Apps) for version 8.0 has been pulled offline by Apple. There’s no way I can test it.

My apologies.  Apple suggests upgrading the system software and I agree to that suggestion.


SimplyStats experiencing service outage.

Even though i’ve requested increased access on the Google Analytics API, I’m getting more reports of people receiving errors. Here are some of the errors:

  • Failed to login
  • Unable to list profiles
  • Receiving empty reports

The cause of this, is that i’m going over the courtesy limit of 50k requests per day.

I am very annoyed by this and I am doing everything in my power to solve the issues, but with Google you never know.

This leads me to a second topic. SimplyStats does not use intermediary services. The data is pulled straight from Google. When building SimplyStats I never anticipated this kind of traffic volume. Also, I have never thought about implementing a ‘Message of the Day’ or a ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ message. So currently there is no way for me to tell people to be patient. And i’m really sorry about that.


Google has approved my request and the courtesy limit has been increased to 200k per day, which is 4 times the volume.  Thank you google!

Happy Birthday SimplyStats!


Exactly one year ago, on june 10, 2013, SimplyStats 1.0 was released to the App Store. I never imagined it to turn out this big. How big? About 2800-users-every-day-big! That is over 20k Analytics reports daily.  This all amounted to the staggering total reports this year of 2.878.100 Google Analytics reports!Last week the 11th update was pushed to the Apple, and I am now preparing for work on the big 2.0 version. It will be bigger and better than any update before.


Thank you so much! Let us get ready for next year!

SimplyStats going through the roof!

I don’t know what’s happened, or what’s changed. But all of a sudden I get 70% more page views on SimplyStats! Below are the last month sales figures from Apple iTunes Connect to show you I ain’t faking this:<


This is so freaking awesome! There is a bad side to this unfortunately. The more people use this app, the more queries I have to send to Google. Now Google  data is free as long as you don’t download too many. If I go above 50k queries per day I may have to start paying them a fee. If that happens there’s little headroom for me to keep SimplyStats free.. I wish there was another way!

I got some cool stuff planned for 1.7. I expect it to be available by the end of April (if all goes well):

  • Compare graphs and tables to previous period, so you can see what page suddenly got popular,
  • I’m working hard on finding translators. I still need quite a few, so if you would like to help out with Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, German or Italian then by all means drop me a note.
  • A few design tweaks to make it look more like an iOS7 app. Don’t worry, it will be iOS6 compatible.
  • A customisable dashboard.

Jack out of the box

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been working hard on SimplyStats. I had some issues with Apple accepting my identity, but all that is past tense now.

As I’m putting the final touches on release 1.0, i’m getting more and more excited on the upcoming App Store release! There were lots of documents to grind through about UI Guidelines and App Store requirements but i think i got ’em all covered.

Check the Apps page for SimplyStats!