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CH340 Drama on OSX 10.12 Sierra 16A313a

After a recent update to my OS X Sierra, plugging in an Arduino clone suddenly caused a kernel dump on my macBook. I’m running the beta program and it didn’t give me a problem until this week. Something must have changed.

UPDATE: Yu Wang point me to a website that contains an updated CH340 driver that works with MacOS Sierra

I traced the issue back to the CH340 driver, and it needs to be uninstalled.

  1. Open a terminal and type: cd /Library/Extensions/
  2. Verify that the .kext file is present: ls | grep usbserial.kext
  3. Output should be: usbserial.kext
  4. Then type: sudo rm -R usbserial.kext
  5. Verify that the .kext file has been removed: ls | grep usbserial.kext
  6. Output should be empty.
  7. After youshould remove the files stored in receipts folder: cd /private/var/db/receipts/
  8. Find the enties: ls | grep usbserial*
  9. Output should be:
  10. Remove each one of the files of the above list: sudo rm -r filename`

To verify that the driver has been successfully removed, go to System Information Panel, select ‘Extensions’, and sort by provider to quickly see what 3rd party drivers you have installed. After uninstall/restart I took the following screenshot.


The wch usb driver has been removed and I can now safely plugin the device. It won’t be recognized by the OS but as long as it doesn’t crash my machine that’s fine.


Updated rudder control

Redesigning the joystick and throttle made them feel much more solid. In fact, they became that much ‘more solid’ that the old rudder control actually started to feel flimsy. So I tackled that one too.

Not much is changed from the previous setup. Most of the changes we basic ‘improvement’ steps. Here they are:

  • Main bearings changed from M4 to M5 width. Bigger bolts and bigger bearings means stronger bolts and bearings.
  • Ditched the old MDF panels and swapped them for black solid 5mm acryl
  • Hall effect sensor parts reprinted with PETG for additional strength and quality.
  • TODO: Recut the (white) mounting plate in black.

So, black it is. The A1302 Hall Effect sensor was already in the old setup so I just had to reassemble everything and perform a small calibration to get it working in the simpit.

IMG_2945 IMG_2951

Updated 3D-printed gimbal and throttle design

Here’s version 2 of my joystick mechanical bits. Improvements:

  • Metal control stick
  • Hall Effect sensors
  • Ball bearings
  • PETG filament
  • Adjustable throttle resistance

The metal pipe is what caused the new iteration. Not only is it much more solid, but because the wall of the pipe is much thinner without a change to the outside diameter means more wires can go through.

The change to A1302 Linear Hall Effect sensor was a logic move after the use of the same sensor in the foot controller proved very reliable.

Also I move from 3Dprinting with PLA to PETG. My Vertex K8400 give much stronger and consistent parts now.

With the use of ball bearings everything feels solid and absolutely free of any kind of play.

Gimbal_v2_explode Throttle_v2


IMG_2708 IMG_2928

Block anonymous users on Photo Station 6

Synology’s photo station is a nice app, but there’s no way to block unauthenticated users out of the box. A simple patch will help this. What the patch does, is present an authentication dialog box on the default page when the user is not authenticated. Very effective and no messing around with redirect url’s. To apply the patch, go to /volume1/@appstore/PhotoStation/Photo/  and edit index.php . You’ll probably have to SSH in as root to be able to write the file.

vi /volume1/@appstore/PhotoStation/photo/index.php

Then scroll down a little where you find the end of the php header (just before the DOCTYPE), and insert the following code:


if (GetLoginUsername() === 'Guest')
    include 'login.php';     

 A bit of warning though. You just patched an file from the original distribution. You will probably need to apply the patch again after an update has been applied. This would cause your albums to become visible if your security wasn’t tight.

Good luck.