My name is Rob. I’m 41 years old. I’m a software engineer for a large Dutch IT-company. I graduated in Software Engineering and Data Structures 1994. I’ve been developing web applications, intranet sites and content management solutions since 1996. I’m proficient with Microsoft Technologies and I am specialised in C# framework development. My major challenge has always been to wrap complicated stuff into simple and reuseable component libraries, to help co-workers focus on the main tasks. Basically, i made others’ work easier.

I started this website somewhere in 2012, while I was fighting cancer. It’s been a real struggle, but this site (and the projects on it) gave me a little, but much needed distraction. In that period, I also realised that keeping stuff simple is not always easy. To make complicated things look easy, that’s where the magic shows!

Rob van der Veer.


  • Hey Rob. First off I hope that you are doing well and that this website is no longer needed to distract you from your illness. Having lost a number of friends and relatives to the damn disease I hope that you have, or are in the process of, making a full recovery.

    2nd I wanted to ask some advice. I came to your site looking for information about making a custom switch board for Elite and Dangerous. Whilst this is probably yawn worthy for you I have never built anything like this before and was wondering if you have the time and or patience to explain a few things to me? I completely understand if you don’t but thought I would ask.



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