Installing Mosquitto broker on Synology DSM 6+

During my experiments with MQTT i needed to run a broker of course. At first, i just ran Mosquitto on my MacBook but that could never be a longterm solution. My main ‘server’ at home is a Synology DS1513+, so that was the logical choice.

i have two options:

  • Run a Docker container with Mosquitto
  • Run it natively

Running the docker container was an absolute nobrainer. Just download the image and create an instance.

Running it natively was able thanks to the SynoCommunity packages. There are loads of tutorials how to add a SynoCommunity packages so i won’t repeat it here. The caveat: it didn’t run. The solution was to uninstall Mosquitto, create a mosquitto user in DSM, and install the package again.

The advantage of the native version is that can modify the mosquitto.conf easier. Requiring a special account is less.

I did not do any performance tests.