1-euro Nespresso coffee cup holder

I got tired of the bin of coffee cups sitting on my counter top. So i took some alu L strip, and made me a wallmounted cup holder.

The L profile strip was cut to 50cm and flattened to a 45˚ bend so the cups won’t fall out. At the bottom I made a little space to pick out a single cup. The other cups then fall downwards. To refill, just add cups on top.

What do you need?

  • 1m (or 2x 50mm) 20x20mm aluminium strip L-profile
  • metal saw
  • something to bend the strips, I used a bench vice.
  • superglue
  • 30 minutes

Total cost: €1





RumbleDuino audio tactile feedback device thingamajingy.

Work has been done on the RumbleDuino. It really is a $5 hack. What is it? RumbleDuino is an Arduino that reads an audio signal, and turns the bass signals into PWM signal for a set of XBox360 controller rumble motors. The idea is that you get a little tactile feedback from games that don’t allow for tactile feedback (like Elite Dangerous).

You can mount the vibration motors anywhere you like, and as such I plan to integrate them into my custom DIY HOTAS (called the Simplicatron 3000Z)


The diagram is so stupidly simple, it consists of an audio jack, with pulldown resistors and a protective cap. There’s and external potentiometer to set the signal level (yeah I know I could have done that in hardware), and then there are the 2 MOSFET IRLB8721 drivers on the output stage.

My first plan was to make the Arduino look like an audio interface on the USB side. Unfortunately Windows does not allow me to send a signal to multiple sound cards, so instead I decided to just use an audio cable. The cable allows me to plug the device in the subwoofer channel of my 8-ports soundcard, or use an audio splitter on the headphone jack.

The firmware on the Arduino is too stupid to even use an Arduino in the first place, it basically implements a Lowpass Filter which could have easily been done by the capacitor on the input, making the entire arduino obsolete. But hey, I had the Arduino laying around anyway and by building it this way there is a great room for improvement, like driving led animations or external triggers.


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