Light panel update


Past few days I’ve been working on making the backlit panels for my simulator pit. After some heavy research i found the best solution was to spraypaint a panel of acryl sheet and engrave the details to make it transparent (citation needed).

The panel is made of 2 layers. One matte transparent layer with special acryl spray paint, and a color backing layer. I haven’t yet figured out the lighting plan yet so things may change. But at least you can see the difference between white light (just the top panel) and the blue light (with the added colored backing panel).

IMG_2151 image image

The switch guards were 3D-printed. I could have easily cut them out of black 6mm acryl but as I didn’t have a 6mm panel 3D was a good alternative. After a little sanding and spraypainting nobody will see the difference anyway.


For backlighting, I will use these pre-wired 3mm leds. I bought them about 3 years back when I was working on lighting my Lego truck. These are quite conventient leds with a resistor in place configured for 5v. A bundle of 100 of these wires set me back about $7, including shipping.



Simpit Prototyping

Hi guys,

Today i’ve worked on some new ideas to make a console for the buttons and switches. I 3d-printed and painted switch guards, and i’ve spray-painted a piece of white acrylic sheet to be lasercut and engraved to some switches. On the photo below you see a very early prototype. I’m sorry about the bad paint job; i’ll get better with practice. Also on the third photo you notice some strange cuttings, that is because I had only a small bit of painted panelling left to work with.


IMG_2151 IMG_2152 IMG_2145


Simpit entry/exit display mechanism

I’ve finally worked out how to mount my display(s) in the simpit. I was aiming for an easy entry/exit, but wanted the display(s) to be within half a meter for best immersion. This LEGO mockup shows how the latch will work, the black thing should represent a seat and the grey thing should be the screen. The mechanism will be mirrored on the left and right of the screen for your legs and feet to fit in the middle.

Dr. Emmett Brown: “Let me show you my plan for sending you home. Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it.”

Also check this @13:00 and onwards. That would be an awesome solution too!