Going Postal

I am busy moving the mail server to Simplicate.Info, if your mail doesn’t go properly I can also be reached @SimplicateInfo. It should work, but you know how things can go sometimes… is now running secure

I’ve installed a SSL certificate on, all traffic is now a little bit more secure. At least you know they didn’t hijack my IP address.

Screenshot_18_1_15_21_32Made possible with the free services from StartSSL™ (

SimplyStats needs beta testers

You want to be part of my test team? I’m looking for people who would want to assist me with the beta testing of new releases. As I’m getting closer to a 2.2 release I realise that there is so much to test I really could use some help.

SimplyStats Black

What am I looking for?

  • Testers that have and iPad or iPhone
  • Testers that like to tap buttons until it breaks
  • Testers that confirm that something works well, or not.
  • Testers that have access to a Google Analytics profile (if you don’t have one you can use my testprofile)
  • Testers from different countries to test if all the strings are translated properly (currently English, French, Dutch and German)
  • Testers that have a little time to spare
  • If you like to share your thoughts your are especially welcome.

I’ve set up everything with Crashlytics, so you don’t need an additional account. You don’t even have to know anything about Google Analytics. Just press some buttons until it crashes. And you get access to bèta versions of course.

How? Send an email to and I’ll set things up for you.

SimplyStats IAP purchase error (solved)

NOTE: This issue has been solved in Release 2.2, which was released on februari 2nd, 2014.

It’s 01:17 on a Wednesday night. I’ve just pushed an update to Apple App Store for SimplyStats that includes a fix to a VERY annoying App Store bug. The In-App purchase handling in SimplyStats had a big error. Apple decided to no longer call ViewDidUnload since iOS7. And that was the method called that updated the AdView after a purchase in the settings screen. Big story, small bug.

Don’t worry, the purchase is getting properly registered. All you need to do after a purchase in SimplyStats 2.1 (and older) is:

  • double-tap the home button to bring up the running apps view
  • swipe up the SimplyStats app to kill it
  • press the home button again to return to the list of Apps
  • restart SimplyStats

After this, the Ads should be gone. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

SimplyStats new world map engine 1.1

Because the changes in iOS 8 and up made my map viewer perform very very very badly I decided to write a new one.

This one uses a custom shape drawing component and uses a .shp file that contains a very detailed map of all countries in the world without having to go on the internet to retrieve the borders. On the photo below you see the map displayed on the iPad Air simulator screen (click for a large version), you see the pixel detail is amazing. I’m using a 50km accuracy map shapefile (ne_50m_admin_0_countries) taken from

Inside, a shapefile is a huge file of coordinate pairs and a Dbase IV file containing all the metadata of the shapes, like country name, elevation, population, etc. Trouble is that the coordinates are sphere coordinates, and to show them in 3D you need a map projection. I found all the formulas on the web, but I can’t remember where.

But the cool stuff of this viewer, is that I will be able to zoom in about 8x without losing quality or performance. I might even say it outperforms Apple’s MapKit. I should add though that MapKit is much broader and can do much more stuff with roads and lakes etc, so that’s not a real comparison.

I’m not done yet, but I just wanted to share this screenshot.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 10 Jan, 2015 21.34.25

Fixing Crashplan update on Synology DSM 5.1

UPDATE: There is also a fix for DSM 5.2:

Yesterday my Crashplan installations suddenly stopped working. Thanks to the guys at they came up with a fix to get it back up.


telnet into your Syn as root and execute the following commands:

unzip /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.jar *.jar -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/
unzip /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.jar run.conf -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/
unzip /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.jar lang/* -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/

mv /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.1420851880338/ /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.1420851880338/

Note that for the second set of commands, the second part of the 1388728800370 file name will be randomized each time.

Remark: the above content was quoted literally from the site.

World View doesn’t work

After iOS8 came out, apple Quickly release iOS8.1 and updated the developers toolkit, xcode. The iOS simulators for iOS 8.0 had been removed entirely. Only iOS 7 and iOS 8.1 were supported for testing. I have 2 devices at home, one iPad 3 (with iOS7) and an iPhone 5s (with iOS 8.1.2). I had no means of testing my app for iOS 8.0.

When working on SimplyStats 2.0, I changed a lot of things, but mainly a fresh theme. Because iOS6 was no longer used by my clients (I could see that in my statistics), I decided to drop iOS6 support and i ripped out a lot of backwards code. I had extensively tested this on iOS 7 and 8, even with a few external beta testers.

The world map code hadn’t been touched AT ALL up to this point and I was convinced that it would work on all supported devices because it works on 7.0 and 8.1; One suspects that it would work on all versions in between.

When SimplyStats 2.0 was released to the public I quickly realised that it had a big startup crash on iOS 8.0; i had to respond quickly to get that bug fixed. The crash reports poured in (90 or so). I had no idea where to start but after googling for a day I downloaded an old bèta copy of XCode 6.0 which had indeed the 8.0 simulator. The thing was unstable as hell. You can’t develop software on that. But it helped me find the cause of the crash, fix it, and verify that it works again on 7.1, 8.0, and 8.1. At least that bug was solved.

Then there was the Map bug. I knew it existed but there was no time to fix it. Trying to provide you best as I could, I added the classic blue theme again and released 2.1 to the App store, knowing by now that the world map view is unstable, but there’s not enough time to fix everything, and the map view is one of the lowest used view of the entire app.

So please accept my apology for SimplyStats not working as it should. I develop this in my spare time. It is on the App Store for free. I have put every free hour of the past 2 years into this. I have 112 users who paid the IAP to remove the advertising, and in total another 1029 users are using my app daily. That’s not a lot. I am NOT making money on this.