Here’s a few lessons I learnt during my DeClock project:

  • Don’t change the design between prototype and production. Don’t.
  • Don’t assume the schematic is right. Verify that is it right.
  • Don’t assume your memory is correct. Verify with documentation.
  • Use a versioning system. Put a version on everything like printed documents and schematics. Commit often. GIT is my weapon of choice.
  • Document everything. Update existing documentation.
  • A P-Channel MOSFET is not the same as a PNP transistor. Not even close.
  • The display is always greener on the other side.
  • Have a backup plan.
  • Stock spare parts.
  • You need experts. You don’t know everything.
  • You need time. Take your time. Don’t rush.
  • You need to push through. Everything will fail.
  • You need to enjoy more. Step back from the project ever so often.
  • Communicate.

I mean it.

DeClock mailing list

Hi guys,

I can’t tell you if i will be ever doing another batch of DeClocks, but since i’m getting so many requests i decided to put up a mailing list. This makes it easier for me to keep in touch with you, potential customers. To subscribe, go to the DeClock product page and enter your details on the bottom of the page. Please bear in mind that this is just an informational mailing list, not a ‘reservation’ or ‘preorder’ system.

Thank you for your interest!