Block anonymous users on Photo Station 6

Synology’s photo station is a nice app, but there’s no way to block unauthenticated users out of the box. A simple patch will help this. What the patch does, is present an authentication dialog box on the default page when the user is not authenticated. Very effective and no messing around with redirect url’s. To apply the patch, go to /volume1/@appstore/PhotoStation/Photo/  and edit index.php . You’ll probably have to SSH in as root to be able to write the file.

vi /volume1/@appstore/PhotoStation/photo/index.php

Then scroll down a little where you find the end of the php header (just before the DOCTYPE), and insert the following code:


if (GetLoginUsername() === 'Guest')
    include 'login.php';     

 A bit of warning though. You just patched an file from the original distribution. You will probably need to apply the patch again after an update has been applied. This would cause your albums to become visible if your security wasn’t tight.

Good luck.

How to configure a Synology NAS to notify about new firmware

To make your you don’t miss a critical patch on your NAS, perform the following steps:

Step 1, make sure the NAS checks for updates. In DSM, go to Control Panel / Update & Restore and select Update Settings:


Update Settings


Step 2, go to Notifications and configure your Email SMTP settings.

Email Notifcation Settings


Final step, go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the System section (or use the dropdownbox to select By Category/System), and make sure the notification for New DSM update ready is checked. Do not forget to save settings.

Notification Settings

That’s it.


It’s been a busy week. Working on projects, clock assembly, wordpress migration, synology configuration, making pizza, loads of stuff!

All the migrated content has to be hand trimmed to get rid of the weebly tags. Also all of the images and attachments had to be moved. After that was all done, i could finally pull the plug on Weebly. Not that Weebly is a bad product, no it is actually great. I just simply grew out of it. I couldn’t do everything i wanted to do with their tooling.

Finally, if you have the time, check out my project Aduro, it is a custom led strip /software combo to light up your desk.

Move over!

I’ve just switch from a hosted server to a WordPress blog site. All content was imported from the old site but got a little dented on the move. All errors will be cleaned up in the coming days.