Colonise for OS X

Colonise will convert comma-separated files to semi-colon separated files so they will play nice with Apple Numbers.

Get it here for free.


Business cards arrived

When you pretend to be a business, you need pretentious business cards. I think they look good.


DeLorean Dashboard Clock DeClock

Any DeLorean owners out there?

Check out my clock project, DeClock!  At €125 (with free worldwide shipping), this is currently the best replacement clock available. Use the rheostat dial to adjust settings, see the inside and outside temperature. It comes with its own battery, so even if you use a battery cutoff switch, this clock will keep time for 8 years.

Check out the details, but remember: the possibility to order ends on August 1st 2014, don’t miss out!


SimplyStats experiencing service outage.

Even though i’ve requested increased access on the Google Analytics API, I’m getting more reports of people receiving errors. Here are some of the errors:

  • Failed to login
  • Unable to list profiles
  • Receiving empty reports

The cause of this, is that i’m going over the courtesy limit of 50k requests per day.

I am very annoyed by this and I am doing everything in my power to solve the issues, but with Google you never know.

This leads me to a second topic. SimplyStats does not use intermediary services. The data is pulled straight from Google. When building SimplyStats I never anticipated this kind of traffic volume. Also, I have never thought about implementing a ‘Message of the Day’ or a ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ message. So currently there is no way for me to tell people to be patient. And i’m really sorry about that.


Google has approved my request and the courtesy limit has been increased to 200k per day, which is 4 times the volume.  Thank you google!