Happy Birthday SimplyStats!


Exactly one year ago, on june 10, 2013, SimplyStats 1.0 was released to the App Store. I never imagined it to turn out this big. How big? About 2800-users-every-day-big! That is over 20k Analytics reports daily.  This all amounted to the staggering total reports this year of 2.878.100 Google Analytics reports!Last week the 11th update was pushed to the Apple, and I am now preparing for work on the big 2.0 version. It will be bigger and better than any update before.


Thank you so much! Let us get ready for next year!

Blimey that’s quick!

If feel privileged. It usually takes about a week to get an update of my app reviewed and published, yet with this update it took no more than 22 hours!

What’s new?
– Now shows proper property name instead of site url for both web and app profiles.
– Added much requested reports by city and by region.
– Added pricing information for In-App purchase.
– Refined user interface design.
– Animation tweaks.
– Adjusted custom date range selection.
– Really tiny bugfixes.

And remember: all functionality is still free. No crippleware. Just a few ads.

Crashplan Backup Awareness month

This month, the guys on are giving 20% of on any one year plan of their backup software. I don’t usually do commercials, but in this case I make an exception. In my opinion, their backup system is simply brilliant. I also think having a proper backup plan is not optional. It is a requirement.With Crashplan, you are not required to pay a fee though, because it is very easy to set it up with a free plan. The only drawbacks of this free plan:

  • You need to provide your own storage (or share storage from a friend running CrashPlan)
  • You get only one backup per day (the paid plans allow to-the-minute backups)

I have installed Crashplan free on my Synology DS1513+, opened up a few ports on my router. I can now access my backups from everywhere without a problem.

I used to rely on Apple’s Time Machine for my backups. Unfortunately the big verification error bug plagues me. If I can’t rely on a backup, it is not the backup software for me. I do keep an offline Time Machine backup at hand though, so I can always restore my machine from scratch.

Anyway, CrashPlan is a perfect solution for online and offsite backups. Give it a try.