SimplyStats 1.7 release announcement

Yesterday I pushed a new update of SimplyStats  to the App Store, ready to be verified by Apple. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get it approved. Here are the changes.

  • Google is starting to charge me for the insane amount of queries that SimplyStats is doing on their servers. To keep this app free I have no choice but to introduce Ad banners to SimplyStats. The banners can be turned off for a small fee using the settings screen with Remove Ads
  • Custom date range
  • Compare to preview period on list reports
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Updates for iOS7
  • Visual design tweaks
  • Added an option to send feedback right from the app
  • Reports now show the selected date range
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred if you click too fast through the screens.

For more info about SimplyStats, go here

Thank you for making SimplyStats a huge success!

Permission troubles with WordPress on Synology DSM5

With the latest update of Synology DSM, a few low level stuff has been changed. Apache for example, is now running under the http account. This used to be nobody. The trouble with this is that you will get errors when trying to update or install WordPress themes or plugins:

WordPress could not create directory /volume1/web/[more]

In most tutorials, it says that you should change the owner to nobody. Now that’s changed, and you should use the following command line to set the owner and permissions for your wordpress folder: 

chown -R http:http /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
chmod -R 775 /volume1/web/[wordpress site]

Thanks to tgilles for the fix.