Apple Time Machine on Synology

I noticed my Time Machine backups to my Synology DS1513+ were extremely slow since I updated my MacBook to Mavericks 10.9.2. Maybe the problem was there before, I simply didn’t notice. But when you make a new backup (about 84Gb) and the progress indicator says: “19 days remaining” something is wrong.
. I found several suggestions on the internet (reset PRAM, kill spotlight, start a new backup, use wired connection, etc.) but none of them seemed to work. After a little research I found that Apple’s implementation of SMB2 is not really compliant with the standard. Since the latest Apple patch SMB is preferred over AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). So I headed over to my Synology control panel to Win/Mac/NFS settings:
On the first tab, uncheck the first checkbox with Enable SMB2 and large MTU. This will stop the Apple from connecting with SMB2 (because it is turned off on the Synology) and happily use the former AFP protocol to do the backup.
Now my new Time Machine backup was finished in 5hrs over a lousy 801.11n WiFi connection. That is at least 18.9days quicker than before.  I’ll be putting that Airport Extreme on my wish list pronto!


SimplyStats going through the roof!

I don’t know what’s happened, or what’s changed. But all of a sudden I get 70% more page views on SimplyStats! Below are the last month sales figures from Apple iTunes Connect to show you I ain’t faking this:<


This is so freaking awesome! There is a bad side to this unfortunately. The more people use this app, the more queries I have to send to Google. Now Google  data is free as long as you don’t download too many. If I go above 50k queries per day I may have to start paying them a fee. If that happens there’s little headroom for me to keep SimplyStats free.. I wish there was another way!

I got some cool stuff planned for 1.7. I expect it to be available by the end of April (if all goes well):

  • Compare graphs and tables to previous period, so you can see what page suddenly got popular,
  • I’m working hard on finding translators. I still need quite a few, so if you would like to help out with Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, German or Italian then by all means drop me a note.
  • A few design tweaks to make it look more like an iOS7 app. Don’t worry, it will be iOS6 compatible.
  • A customisable dashboard.

Now on Twitter!

I’ve bit the proverbial bullet. Ye olde me is now on Twitter @SimplicateInfo. 

Fixing Apple Mail/GMail error 993

Since the last patch of OS X Mavericks (10.9.2) I had some problems with my gmail in Apple Mail. I was constantly the following error:

Unable to receive mail. There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Verify the settings for account “gmail” or try again.

The server returned the error: The server “” cannot be contacted on port 995.

The solution was actually very easy.
The cause this error is occurring is a change in the way certificates are validated.  To fix this error from coming up, go to preferences… and change the Incoming Mail Server value in your mail preferences for each gmail account. It is probably set to

Change this value to and the problem should be fixed. Check the screenshot below to find the location of this setting.

New Domain

Simplicate is no longer a weebly subdomain, but a full domain!  
You can still use the old address. All your links will be automatically forwarded. But I suggest you update your links for the better. 

The DNS change is still propagating, it could take up to 48 hours until is available throughout the world.