DeLorean Clock prototype video

A small demonstration of a dashboard clock replacement project for the DeLorean car. All settings can be changed using a single rotary encoder (that will replace the rheostat on my car).

SimplyStats 1.4 released

Recently, Apple approved the latest update of SimplyStats, a free app for browsing Google Analytics data (bet you knew that). With this minor update, the app should be compatible with the upcoming iOS7 release.

I regret to say that it doesn’t yet support the new white look and feel of iOS7.SimplyStats has quite a few subtle customisations and i don’t have the hardware to fully test every edge case. I will tackle that later on, i promise! But at least your numbers and graphs should be ok.

Thanks for using my app!

SimplyStats 1.4

I just pushed SimplyStats 1.4 towards Apple. This tiny update contains a little fix so the overview report should no longer crash on iOS7. I hope the fix is approved before everybody switches to the new OS. Also, i added an export function for table reports.

Both issues were reported by a few users. If you have an issue or questions about SimplyStats, please tell me.