In this article I share my experiences at building SimplyStats, my first Objective-C application. From getting the idea and finding the right tools to getting it on the App Store. Read all about it and tell me what you thing!

Get yer updates!

I am proud to announce the availability of SimplyStats 1.1. The update has just been approved by Apple and is now being distributed to the App Store all over the world.

It can take up to 24 hours before your app is available on the App Store. This delay is dependent on any app availability issues.

If you already have SimplyStats installed, the App Store will notify you automatically when the update is available. This is what has changed:

  • world map for demographics
  • touch the chart to reveal the values
  • new time scales (last week and last month)
  • more reports, including event tracking
  • export, mail or share graphs
  • user interface tweaks
  • minor bug fixes

SimplyStats 1.1 Demonstration Video

To show off some of the features in the 1.1 release, please take a look at the demo video!

Let me know what you think about it, in the comments below.

Ten rules for using my laptop

I don’t have a daughter, so here are the rules with respect to my laptop:

  1. It is not your laptop
  2. Do not touch the screen
  3. Do not move windows
  4. Do not use or move existing browser tabs
  5. Do not open a finder/explorer
  6. No food or fluids
  7. If you value your health, keep a minimum 1 meter distance
  8. Never open a terminal window
  9. Settings and preferences are off-limits
  10. Whatever you type is recorded and will be used against you.

Use the comments if you know how i can improve this list!

SimplyStats 1.1 coming soon

What’s new in this update:

  • World map for demographics 
  • Touch the chart to reveal the values 
  • New time scales (last week and last month) 
  • More reports, including event tracking 
  • Export, mail or share graphs 
  • User interface tweaks 
  • Minor bug fixes

Be sure to grab the update after it gets approved. It’s still free, not ads, no banners.

SimplyStats 1.0 has been released!

A proud moment for me. I am pleased to inform you that my first iOS app, SimplyStats, has been approved by Apple. Not only that, but it got approved the first time without issues!

Of course this means, that it is available on the App Store. And it’s entirely free! So if you ever need to view usage data on the go, try out SimplyStats. It’s available for iPad

For details, check the product page. And of course I will be updating the App constantly. As a matter of fact, I am already working on the 1.1 version with exciting new features.


Fixing Blocky Paths in iOS

As i was working on new and awesome features for SimplyStats, i noticed a strange behaviour when zooming in CAShapeLayer objects. Even though they looked stunningly sharp on Retina displays, their zoomed in variants started to look worse and worse. Below is an image of a pie chart at 1:1 and 8:1 scale. The middle image is the zoomed in image as they appeared, the right one is the zoomed image as it should be.
Time to investigate!

What is causing the jitter in the first place?

It goes blocky because the the layer has ShouldRasterize set to YES and the Scrollviewer is zooming in on a bitmap.

It would be an easy fix to simply set ShouldRasterize to NO. But that gives a serious performance penalty if you are animating hundreds of layers (like it tried to do). 

After a lot of workarounds like redrawing, rescaling and rerendering the sublayers the fix was even easier than I thought.

So what is the solution?

Set the rasterizationScale when changing zoom levels. Silly me.
For a demonstration of the effect, i put up a demo project on the excellent bitBucket:

Feel free to download/fork the sources and see for yourself.

Jack out of the box

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been working hard on SimplyStats. I had some issues with Apple accepting my identity, but all that is past tense now.

As I’m putting the final touches on release 1.0, i’m getting more and more excited on the upcoming App Store release! There were lots of documents to grind through about UI Guidelines and App Store requirements but i think i got ’em all covered.

Check the Apps page for SimplyStats!