I didn’t say that!

As it turns out, Einstein is quoted a lot for thing he didn’t say. His most memorable (mis)quote is probably “People often quote me for things I didn’t say” or similar. Einstein may have been cool enough to use the word ‘crap’ but in my opinion this picture below is a contradiction in itself.

Lighting the Room prototype #2

In this video i show the second version of the light bar. I’ve also added the front fog lights with a little fading effect when they shut of to simulate normal bulbs.

Investigating Bluetooth comms

Total surprise! I never heard from before, but i like their site. Cool stuff. Anyway, what I found was a new gimmick for my Lego project. A bluetooth module (link) for only €6,25 incl. shipping and tracking. You gotta love China.
The idea is now to add this Bluetooth module to the board. It’s certainly small enough and seems to provide all the required functionality.
Wouldn’t it be cool to control the model from my iPhone? Yes of course that would be cool, but there are a few problems:

  • Apple will not let me touch the iOS Bluetooth Serial stack without a $10k license (they call em MFI Made for iPhone). Eeerm. No way!
  • Good news is that Apple has recently opened up the Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) API, but as you may have guessed, this module does not comply to that new standard. 
  • My iOS development skills are very limited (nothing i can’t fix though)
  • Even if I manage to develop an App, I’d have to jailbreak my iPhone to run it, or get a $100/year Developer License from Apple.

I will not be beaten. I’ll just implement the module. I’ll just use my laptop and the tty terminal to send command (hacker style). Then I’ll get a simple Win7 Virtual Machine, download Visual C# Express and do the software bit from there. 

Elaborating on the project!

Hear, hear! Lot’s of new information added on my first Lego lighting project. I’m really starting to think i can pull this project together. Much more stuff is in my head, but typing a lot is still very hard on me.  More to follow, but for now, check out Lighting the Room!

Letters from Einstein

Every now and then i get good posts that involve Albert Einstein in some particular way. I found this one rather fitting for my site.